Taking Notes in Math Class

Students can use their time in most classes more effectively by becoming better note takers.  The instruction in most math classes is formatted as follows: 
1. Ask questions on previous nights homework
2. Teacher introduces a new concepts via lecture
3. Teacher works example problems on the board
4. Students complete a problem set based on the days instruction
Students can improve their efficiency as math learners by keeping an excellent handwritten record of steps 2 and 3.  DO NOT rely on a iphoto of the board.  Each new topic should be labeled with the date, the concept name, and the section in the text that is  covered.  
Really make an effort to not only copy the example problem in step three, but to write clarifying notes.  This is what really puts the "note" in note-taking.  You want a record of the example problem that could be read and understood by a friend that missed the class.  In actuality, you yourself will be the friend when you try to study these notes a few weeks later, because you might not have a clear memory of ever having seen the problem being worked.  Do your future self a favor and try to take notes in a way that anyone would be able to understand and replicate.
Try to follow along in the text as the teacher teaches a new concept.  Your teacher may refer you to the text while teaching.  You may be paying a lot for the privilege of toting around this poorly written tome - try to get your money's worth by establishing a link between what your teacher is saying the the text book.  You may find that it is a resource that you can refer to more easily than your notes.
Please, make an effort to use class time effectively.  There will be distractions, but if you make a serious effort you can save yourself a lot trouble trying to figure out the nights assignment.   


Kevin M.

14 year H.S. Teacher: all levels through Pre-Calculus

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