How to prepare for your first session with a new tutor:

New sessions may bring a feeling of anxiety or uncertainty: will the new tutor be able to help me? Is it someone who I will be able to understand? Will they be able to answer my questions?
Here are some tips for clearing up the possible confusion to hopefully create a successful first encounter!
1) Be prepared to study: have on hand writing utensils, paper, textbooks as needed, and an open mind.
2) Have a list of the exact goals: both for that day, and your long term goals (what do you desire to accomplish through tutoring? How many sessions do you expect to have?)
3) Have a list of specific questions for your tutor: about their experience, methods, teaching philosophy, availability, fees. Also questions revolving around the subject matter at hand. 
4) Finally, don't be afraid to ask questions! A good tutor, if they don't have the answer on hand, will be able to research, or guide your research to find the answer. It is their job to use different approaches until you understand the material. Keep pressing on to mastery!
5) Enjoy learning your subject matter! Remember that everything we learn builds our "backpack" of experience! Find applications for the learning to keep it relevant and applicable to everyday life.
Education is not just for school, it is for life!


Karen Y.

25+ years experience effectively tutoring a variety of subjects.

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