Goauche - The Most User Friendly Medium

Hello fellow artists.  Today I would like to let you into the wonderful world of gouache.  This painter friendly medium is easy to use and gives wonderful rich coverage and and clear saturated colors. Gouache dries very quickly and because of this characteristic a painting can be modified without having to wait hours for it to dry. The most important thing about gouache is if the underlying layer is dry and you put another different color layer on top, it will not turn the new color to mud. It will blend, but the color on top will be the predominate color.  
Give gouache a whirl, it is the unsung hero of the art world.  It can be used on traditional watercolor paper or illustration board or mixed media paper. It can also be used on mylar.  It is delicate, though, gouache paintings/illustrations should be framed under glass. It can be used in both fine art and commercial applications.  It is similar to watercolor in that it can be cleaned and thinned with water and is great for outdoor painting.  It can also be used in mixed media applications.  Try experimenting combining schminke soft pastels and gouache.  Some amazing things can happen.


Claudia S.

Claudia, Instructor/ 2 Dimensional Fine Arts/Writing

20+ hours
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