Only you can write you. Your faith, your tastes, your culture, your humor, your philosophy on life, or your world view comes through, unless you cater to the masses and worry about whether or not others will accept you. Acceptance that matters is acceptance that lasts. Or as CS Lewis puts it, "If it's not eternal, then it's eternally worthless," though he was not ready to say that, Oxford don or not, until such a point in his life when he decided what HIS stance was. Until then, we are all carried about by the wind, with no place to rest. Sometimes your own culture may have a majority of citizens that detest or oppose you. It is how you handle this that determines who you become. 90% of journals may not accept you because your writing and ideas are counter to theirs, so what you do is start your own journal, your own press. This is freedom of press. This is your right. It may surprise you what you discover. Be courageous. 


Johnny S.

Experienced English Skills Tutor Specializing in Writing

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