Turning a 1 or 2 Interest Level Into a 10 Isn't Really Possible

Let's be real people-- if you don't actually WANT to be 'better' is some real way, I'm not capable of making that happen by osmosis, meaning just being in the room won't be enough. Pride in my communications skills also won't mean much if you're not answering or giving me feedback about the process, so that's an essential ingredient to our success-- the question and answer (plus practice!) process.
I'm a fairly accomplished writer; while a knee injury has slowed me down considerably, I know my way around most athletic events, including rugby. As a professional executive-personal assistant and long time sales professional, I'm clear on the idea I need to know what is going good or bad in the overall, and I'll be asking you the 5 W's-- who, what, when, where, why (and how) regularly. The better you already know those answers, the faster we'll get to the 'meat' of the situation. "I got a D in English" will elicit questions about why? and what the expectation is-- are you usually a C and slipped, or did a teacher find your essay totally lacking in organization, facts, and making any kind of point?
YOUR expectations, even beyond ones your parents have, will make a difference. Putting it down in black and white where we BOTH can see it and return to that as the core of this tutoring is what I'd want to see at beginning of our first session.


Glenn S.

Strong writing, reading comprehension tutor + content editing pro

20+ hours
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