Client Testimonials for Jana P, WyzAnt tutor since 2009

Ever wish you could take your side gig and turn it into a fulltime pursuit? That's just what I would do with tutoring because I simply love to tutor, and I am always trying to be better at what I do.

Test prep is my tutoring specialty. During our sessions, my students learn subject-specific concepts, incorporate test-taking strategies, and build self-confidence. I assure them that with consistent practice and an unwavering eye on the prize, they can maximize their test results and achieve their academic, business, or personal goals. In fact, students of mine have gone on to attend their choice colleges, earn their teaching licenses, enlist in the US Air Force and other service branches, and pass the bar exam.

I so appreciate the extra time my busy clients have taken to express their satisfaction with my services. In return, I want to thank all of my students since 1997 for allowing me to continue tutoring, learning, and enhancing my services to better meet students' needs. I get the chance to know each student as an individual, address his/her special challenges, and accompany her/him on a unique quest of learning -- what an honor, and a pleasure! How lucky I would be to continue doing what I love to do while making people happy.

Below is a sampling of the kind testimonials I have received from my clients ... 

Feb 2018 —
I wanted to let you know [my son] went up 7 points on the English portion of his ACT after finishing tutoring with you. Thanks again!!! Well worth it.
Christine (parent of 12th grader, ACT)

Jan 2018 —
I have been accepted at each school I have heard back from so far!! I have chosen to accept an offer to the Occupational Therapy Doctoral program at the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. When I went for my visit, one of the faculty commented on how much they had loved my personal essay. :) Again, thank you so much for all of the help with my essay questions. I can't wait to to take these next steps forward towards becoming an OT.
Katie, OT doctoral candidate (OTD admissions essays)

Oct 2017 --
"Thank you a million times over Jana!  We were so happy for [our son] when we ... saw he had improved so much in each area ... I know that getting that high score was such a confidence booster for him! ... I am so thankful I found your profile on Wyzant and took the chance that it was money well spent. I can not say enough about how you have helped him! ... Thanks again for everything!"
Tina, parent of 12th grader (ACT)

Sept 2017 --
"I'm pleased to report that [my son] got a 34 on his ACT. He is really happy and I know your work with him was instrumental in his achieving a higher score. I hope you are still providing tutoring when his younger brother gears up to take the test ... I'll make sure to reach out to you when the timing is right. Thank you again."
Ellen, parent of 11th grader (ACT)

August 2017 --
"We both felt like you did an excellent job and [my son] was very comfortable with your style and approached. He needed some prompting in even agreeing to do this but after the first session he said he knows it will really help him. "
Tina, parent of 12th grader (ACT)
May 2017 --
"[My daughter] came home from her first session feeling that working with you will be an excellent investment in her GRE prep."
Anne, parent of young adult (GRE essays)

July 2016 --
"... [my daughter's] two previous scores she received a 29 [composite] ... Initially, [her] goal score was a 31. Well, [on the June 2016 test] she received a composite score of 32! ... Reading - a perfect 36! Of course [she] was elated with her scores and has proven to herself that test anxiety is a real thing! She is now feeling confident about applying to the colleges on her list and we are both so grateful for the help and support you provided for her. Thank you again!"
Beth, parent of 11th grader (ACT)

June 2016 --
"Last Friday, I received notice that I passed the MTLE Writing Test!!! ... Once again, thank you for your hard work in lesson planning and researching objectives needed to succeed on the test. You are certainly an exceptional educator! Future students will be lucky to have you."
Laura, adult student (MTLE, now NES)

May 2016 --
"[Our daughter]  absolutely blew the ACT out ... Your tutoring was outstanding in helping her achieve these awesome numbers. We would be more than happy to be a reference for you."
Michel, parent of 11th grader (ACT)
"[Our son] is very pleased with this score and he credits your guidance and coaching as the primary reason for his 'success' ... Overall, the 95th percentile cumulatively is something to smile about ... As parents, we also thank you. We only wish we had met you sooner. If he needs help down the road, you'll be the first person we call."
Paula, parent of 11th grader (SAT)
"Your help was critical to my success. Thank you for all your efforts. I know that you went above and beyond what you needed to do, and I am very appreciative."
Laura, adult student (MTLE, now NES)

April 2016 --

"I wanted to thank you so very much for the time spent with [our daughter]. I am so impressed with your organization, your patience, your preparation and your follow-up after each session. [Our daughter] spoke so highly of you and felt really positive about her entire experience. She felt good about her exam last week ... Thank you again; we are so grateful to have found you!"
Beth, parent of 11th grader (ACT prep)

March 2016 --

"Thank you so much for everything you are doing."
Bradley, college candidate (TOEFL)

March 2016 --

"[Our son] felt the prep he did with you was more than helpful. He feels it made a "big" difference and he is very optimistic ... He slowed down and remembered your pointers ... Jana, thank you for your professionalism, insight and hard work. We know [our son] did not always make it easy for you, but you got through to him and we all appreciate it. Hope to see you again."
Paula, parent of 11th grader (SAT prep)

February 2016 --

"I know you are great tutor per your preparation and your tools for analysis. Many thanks and best wishes."
Jianxin, parent of 11th grader (SAT prep)

January 2016 --

"I'm proud to say that I will be starting at Rasmussen's program in July!! ... Thanks so much for your help. I wouldn't have passed without you."
Sidney, nursing candidate (TEAS prep)

January 2016 --

"You are an excellent tutor and [my daughter] received excellent preparation for the ACT exam."
Kris, parent of 11th grader (ACT prep)

October 2015 --

"I’ve just read this [scholarship essay] through for the first time, and I have to say, I could never have got him from “there to here”.... this reads well ... Thanks again for your help with this – whatever the outcome, the writing process has been a good learning experience for him."
Lorraine, parent of 12th grader (Scholarship essay proofreading/editing)

August 2015 --

"[Our daughter's] #1 choice was the Emma Willard School in Troy, NY ... She interviewed and secured the last spot for the Fall 2015 class and they commented on how well she had done on the SSAT! We think it will be an amazing experience for her and truly appreciate all of the work you did with her to make this dream come true. Thank you!!!!"
Nodia, parent of 8th grader (SSAT test prep)


"If I need any more tutoring I will know who to get in contact with :)"
Elizabeth, GRE and grad school application

"Good news, I passed all my classes!!! I am thrilled and I owe it to your study skills!!! Thank you!"
Maria, first-year nursing student (online)

"[Our daughter] did an awesome job on the September ACT. Her composite score was a 28, up 4 from her June ACT score. I have attached a copy of her report so you can see how much she improved based on her tutoring with you!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work with [our daughter]. My husband, [our daughter] and I are all extremely please(d) with this result!"

Traci, parent of 12th grader (ACT)

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are that we found you!  Thank you so much for the exceptional tutoring services you provided for [our daughter]. The drive was well worth it! Also, thank you for the wonderful, professional yet personable communication you sent to me.  Furthermore, I was extremely impressed and thankful for the help and editing of [our daughter]'s essay! It still maintains her content and accurately reflects her voice. We are very pleased and proud of her final draft! Today is a very busy day, so I plan on writing a more detailed review on your excellent services. If we are in need of tutoring services, I will not hesitate to contact you! Thanks again!"
Angela, parent of 12th grader (ACT)

"Just wanted to let you know [my daughter's] ASVAB score increased by 12 points as a result from the tutoring sessions with you. You not only helped her on the basic skills but it also gave her a boost in her confidence to take the test and do better. As you can see from the picture, she enlisted and just swore into the Air Force today."
Dean, parent of young adult (ASVAB)

"I'd had an upset stomach all morning - and sweating and worrying and afraid to check [my son's] recent [ACT] test score. I finally got up the courage to go online and get an early report. I was overjoyed - tears streaming down my face. I cannot tell you how happy, relieved, excited, etc....I am. I called my husband to tell him and he was going to text [our son] to let him know. He will be so excited! Thank you, thank you - a million thank yous. (and a big hug) You are the best!"
Julie, parent of 11th grader (ACT)

"[My son] got his ACT scores back and got a 33. We were all very happy. Those couple of points will really help him with the top tier schools he wants to apply to. We all agree the increase would not have been possible without the tutoring ... We really appreciate all the help. I am sure you will see us in 3 more years when my younger son starts preparing for the ACT."
Elizabeth, parent of 11th grader (ACT)

"A quick note to let you know that [my son] got a 35 [up from 32] on the ACT.  We are so grateful for your help.  Thanks and best wishes."
Mark, parent of 12th grader (ACT)

"[My son] was very impressed with the session today and thinks that you are a great tutor. It was the first time I've seen him confident about preparing for an exam. Thank you so much! ... Thanks again for working so well with my son."
"I can't thank you enough for all that you did to help him achieve a qualifying score to join [the U.S. Marine Corps]. It would not have happened without you."
Frank, parent of young adult (ASVAB)

"I just wanted [to] say thanks for tutoring [our daughter]. She had nothing but good things to say about you, and appreciated your understanding just how busy her schedule is! We are also really pleased with the results ... she can cast her net more widely and entertain other options, something that her father and I are really happy about."
Jeane, parent of 11th grader (ACT)

"You are amazing!!!! I can't begin to thank you and when [my son] sees [his edited personal statement] tomorrow, he will be so totally grateful. Wow!!! You so concisely organized all thoughts and it reads a TON better. Thank you again and I am sure you will hear from me again."
Jane, parent of young adult (GRE, personal statement, resume)

"[My son] got a lot out of the session today and was very pumped up on the way home. It's very nice to be reminded that you can learn new concepts if someone has the time and patience to work with you! ... Thanks again for everything, are our oasis in the dessert!"
"I am so proud of [my son] these past few weeks ... I know this is helping him find his inner strength. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I sure do appreciate what you're doing!"
"Your help has been invaluable and enabled [my son] not only to get caught up ... but also to actually grasp the concepts! JANA, YOU HAVE BEEN WONDERFUL! Please know that I will heartily recommend your services whenever I have the opportunity to do so."
Kevin, parent of 11th grader (Alg 2)

"You were the best of the bestest."
Jane, parent of young adult (GRE)



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