Learning a Second Language can be Fun!

Hello everyone! Hola a todos!
Learning a second language like  Spanish or ESOL can be boring and frustrating sometimes. You just get sick of reading your textbook or completing worksheets that your teacher gives you. But believe it or not...there are several ways to make learning a second language fun no matter what age you are! You're probably thinking right now..."how?" I'll tell you how. First, think of something that you like to do in your free time like listening to music, watching a movie or reading. Say if you really enjoy listening to music...look up one of your favorite genres and see what pops up for Spanish or English music in that genre. For example, Spanish pop/rock - the Colombian artist Juanes will pop up. Check out some of his songs on youtube. Once you find a song that you like, look up the Spanish lyrics online, print them out and then try your best at translating them into English. See if you can figure out what the song means because as we all know, that's one important part of music. This activity will provide you with a great opportunity to learn new vocabulary and grammar and/or review things that you already learned. Enjoy! :)


Hi Bridget - I have been trying to learn Spanish on my own since last summer- but... Could use help by someone who can help me through grammer and other sentence structure stuff. I live in Manhattan around columbus circle where there a lot of cool public places to work together. Btw I am a photographer and adjunct professor in graphics. Look forward hearing back from you
Hi Melody,
I apologize for my delayed response. Are you still looking for a Spanish tutor? If so, I'd be more than happy to help you. Just let me know!


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