What to do on your first visit with your Tutor.

The first thing you as a student should do to prepare for your first visit with your Tutor, is to gather all of the correspondence you have between your Teacher or Professor and yourself.  Key items would be a syllabus, or a list of things your Teacher or Professor expects you to accomplish during your course.  This list should include a list or chart of how the grading will be assessed for that course.  If any of this is no longer in your possession, get a new copy and protect it. 
The next thing you should do is to gather all of the resources available to you for the course.  These items include textbooks, online links, handouts, and tools.  This should include anything recommended by your Teacher or Professor to help you succeed in the course.  This also should include anything you normally use for that course, even if it was recommended by someone else, such as an adviser.  Have a general idea of what each of these items are supposed to do or help you do, even if it isn't really working.  This helps the Tutor select something that will more appropriately accomplish that task
The third thing you need to do is pick a time and place with your Tutor and bring everything mentioned previously with you to that meeting.  Expect the Tutor to process with you how each of the items you bring are currently helping you, and be prepared to modify your tools and strategy for success if the Tutor recommends a change.  Remember, the Tutor is there to help you succeed.


James S.

Greek, Hebrew, Interpretation, and Linguistics Instructor

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