Reading Comprehension Strategies : Making Connections

Making Connections to Text will improve Reading Comprehension across any grade level and is a valuable took when it comes to reading and understanding fiction and non-fiction text/passages. 
Children make personal connections with the text by using their schema (background knowledge). There are three main types of connections we make while reading text.

1. Text-to-Self :refers to connections made between the text and the reader's personal experience.

2.Text-to-Text: refers to connections made between a text being read to a text that was previously read.

3.Text-to-World: refers to connections made between a text being read and something that occurs in the world.

It is important to activate children's schema (background knowledge) before, during, and after reading in order to foster creating these connections. I would recommend having students write down in a journal the different connections they make while they read. 


Heather D.

Certified Teacher Specializing in English Language Arts and Test Prep

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