Job Search Tool - Google Sheets: How to Copy a Sheets document

My friend came up with a really nifty tool for job searching. It's a google sheets document with all the job search engine websites on it.
1. click on the link above or copy and paste it to your address bar and press enter / return / go
2. the page loads, click on the File menu. 
3. file menu displays, click on the Make a copy ... 
4. click in the text box to change the file name if desired, for example delete template and personalize it.
5. click ok. 
You should now have your own copy in your own google drive and you can customize it however you need it.
Tip: Go to each site on the sheets document and make a profile there and post several resumes on each so that those sites can send you alerts when they get new job postings
Happy Hunting.


Ian F.

Make IT simple

20+ hours
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