Depending on Oneself

While tutoring may be a help to studying and learning, a student should never depend entirely on tutoring to teach all the concepts learned in a semester course.  The world we live in is a quick world -- get in -- get out -- get 'er done.  But most educational courses such as math, English, reading, science, and social studies require more in-depth thinking.  They are not subjects that can be learned well in a quick few hours of tutoring.  Related to this is the thought that many students do not want to read lengthy texts or lengthy explanations, or wade through lengthy examples as in a chemistry course.  However, in order to learn the concepts well and to understand them and make them part of oneself, it is necessary to find the quiet time to do this type of reading and studying.  Those who really want to learn, will take heed, and invest the time and mental energy to learn thoroughly instead of too quickly, as just to pass a test or pass a course with some kind of passing grade.  Study well to learn well.
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