I like math and my Facebook friends do too.

In math you learn new terminologies and many significant things pop up. Guys, do you ever dream about analytical calculus? No? Well, why not!
As a high school student you learned algebra and pre-calculus and those are great, but you can really figure that there is more to math than just that. I assume you were dazed and confused. That's okay. Perhaps though you enjoyed your subjects. That is pretty good.
There, you must try to learn analysis, because it is the most-funnest part of mathematics! Do you think I'm wrong? Well, begin with a subject like real analysis. During your study of analysis, you learn about continuity, metrics, and integration. I would like to know more about metrics.
The weird thing is that math is everywhere. Sorry, but I like math because of this fact.
It takes a real scholar to learn math. Got me wrong? Gals sometimes support the most advanced mathematical conclusions. You can make their notions yours – from differential geometry to Einstein’s equations! It’s common to find incredible talent doing number theory and discrete mathematics.
I like math too because it supports individuality. I am sorry you felt left out. In all seriousness, math is beauty and math is eloquence. You can go on to say that math is mother earth!
It turns out math is Facebook. A few months ago there was a press release which of all things included a metric. That’s a tool. Its what you can use to understand the ranking of your Facebook posts, and why they did, or did not become visible.
Guys, I do understand you want to know more. Goggle “social skills understanding the group” as a breather. Next you may want the threads “Facebook social networking algorithms”, and some keywords you may have seen such as “organic reach” and “filtered feed problem”. 'The best. Sites are here: and here:  .
They’re all using it: IxPxCxTxR. That’s why my Facebook friends like math. You know why else my Facebook friends like math – because – by golly - its interesting. For further interesting topics please look up chess variants. I think you will find the hexagonal version to be a class of its own.


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