Start the Year Strong

To start the new school year strong, it is very necessary to understand the first few days and weeks of instruction.  That is because in the first days, basic material is presented, upon which will be built the remainder of the course.
In a challenging course such as chemistry, earth science, algebra, or trigonometry it is doubly important to get a good strong beginning.  You do that by completing reading assignments, completing activities in the textbook or online, keeping a vocabulary list of new terms with their definitions and use in a sentence.  
All of these types of studying require a lot of effort and dedication on your part.  For that type of effort and dedication, one thing you will need is energy, physical and mental energy. 
So plan to make sure your body and mind have the required energy to make a strong start, and then to carry through for the entire semester or school year.   Get good sleep every night, eat proper food every day, exercise for a period of time each day, keep good social contacts and a bright attitude.  Be alert.  Help yourself. Don't be pulled aside by those things that will not really help you.
Good luck to all students in the 2014-2015 school year!  May you see success at the end of this school year!


Judy L.

Education Specialist, Patient and Knowledgeable

200+ hours
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