Math Games - A Big Hit

I have been very pleased to find that all of my current students are enjoying a game I've had for years that uses math skills. I purchased it nearly 20 years ago at a Homeschool Conference. It's made up of a wooden board with holes carved out for marbles. One side has a game called MUGGINS and the other side has a game called KNOCK OUT. Math skills have to be used for both games and the level of difficulty can be increased by using dice with 16 sides rather than 6 sides. I have an elementary student with Asperger's Syndrome and he loves the game more than anybody. My students are so pleased when they win and I keep a bag with packs of gum of various flavors and candy bars for the winner to choose from. I use the game when all of the material has been covered and we have a few moments before their parents arrive to pick them up. Sometimes the student requests to play after the hour is up so as long as the parent is willing to wait, I am so very pleased that they are doing math AND having fun.
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