Organization and balance it the key!

The key to starting school strong is organization and balance. First, organize your materials. Use color-coding, blank calendars to fill in, map out your daily schedule, and be sure to leave time for ALL interests. Look ahead on the calendar to see when tests like MEAP and ACT are happening. Provide plenty of preparation time from the beginning of the semester. As you create your daily schedule, look also at your syllabi from your classes. Anticipate major assignments and exams by balancing study time appropriately. Early planning will prevent or reduce last minute writing papers or cramming for exams.
Yes, school work is a priority, but so is socializing with friends, reading for pleasure or exercise and yoga routines! If you are going watch your favorite TV program every Thursday, plan ahead by being sure to have homework done either Wednesday night, or before the program. Then the program becomes a "reward" for having your homework finished. No need to stay up late after the program, and lose sleep.
Remember that you have to take care of your body: rest, eat right, drink plenty of fluids. Sometimes the simplest things are so essential for maximum achievement.
Decide to make this school year the best ever! And when you need extra help, don't hesitate to find a tutor through WyzAnt!
Karen Y.
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