Starting the Year of Strong as an ESL Student

This coming school year, commit to finding resources on campus or in your school to help you succeed. As and English as a second language student, it is vital that you find people who can support your learning.
If you are in college, your internationals student center, local religious organizations, or student volunteer groups may offer English conversation practice or writing help. College writing centers specifically for international students are a great place to get help writing and revising your essays and reports.
Younger students can find students, teacher aides, or teachers who speak their native language to help in some cases. The ESL teacher at your school is your go-to person for all things related to English. If you are struggling with vocabulary in your biology class, for example, let your ESL and your biology teacher know so that they can help you organize and find a learning strategy to help you earn an A. Your school counselor is also a fantastic resource.
Advocate for yourself. Find someone to help you, and don't give up until you get the support you need to make this year the best you have had yet!


Leyla N.

Empower English Tutoring

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