Back to school tips!

The summer is winding down to an end and school will be here before you know it. For those of you in high school it may seem like a drag and im sure most of you are ready to graduate and be free! I promise you that you will miss it somewhat and you should cherish every moment with your friends and school. Although im sure you have heard that before, I do have some tips to make going back to school a much easier transition!
1) Double check you have the supplies you need
          It happens almost every year that we forget a book or some notepads you will need for the start of the semester. This causes more problems than you may care to admit, the first one being that you will be set behind in the class. Especially in college you will miss a book or material you will need and not get it untill about a week and half in. You may tell yourself that you can recover because it is only the beginning of school, and although it is possible, most of the time it will set you behind in the class and for the rest of the semester you are stuck in catch up mode, which I assure you is no fun. Spending that hour or two before the semester to make sure you have everything will save you a lot of hassle in the long run and get you off to a great start for the semester. Not to mention the longer you wait the more expensive the books will get (as if they are not already) and possibly get put on hold.
2) Ease yourself back in
         You have had a great summer full of parties, late nights, and lazy days. While this is fun and needed, it is very difficult to go from this to getting up early for class...and staying awake in said classes. Missing your first day puts a target on you from the teacher weather you think so or not. Also you will once again start behind which is not fun. To make life easier on yourself, start going to bed earlier and getting up a little earlier the week before school starts. Tone back the parties and try to make your day just a little more productive (maybe read a little bit of the books you got for class ;)). This will make the transition a lot easier and get you off to a great start for the new year.
3) Look Good, Feel Good
           It is not expressed enough, but you need to feel good to have fun! Yes college (or highschool) can be hard and homework intensive, but you need to have fun with it. That is what lifes about! Fall into the market trend and buy some new clothes for the start of school. Maybe a new backpack is due or if the funds are there a laptop or tablet. You will be a lot more motivated to go to class with something to show off or a new tablet to take notes on. This will not only help your learning but also the back to school drag that will hit you the first week. If you look good, you feel good. You feel good, you learn good. you learn good.. its all good!


Corey A.

"success is not the amount of wins, but the amount of losses"

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