Starting school strong

The first thing I would recommend is to get organized from the first day.  Decide on what system you are going to use to keep track of assignments and due dates and allow enough space for each class.  Secondly, make sure you have all the equipment you need, such as printer paper, ink cartridges, notebooks, pens & pencils, electronic helps and books.  Find the websites you will need and put them in your favorites.  If you are not familiar with your school library, take the first opportunity to familiarize yourself.  Begin the first day completing well all your assignments for the next day and work ahead as far as you can.  Decide how many hours a day you need to set aside for studying and schedule those in.  Follow your schedule rigidly, working ahead whenever you have time, but don't forget to do some fun things on weekends and holidays.  If there is some special event you want to participate in during your normal study time, work extra hours in the days and weeks leading up to that date so you can reward yourself with this special treat.  Celebrate when you do well on a test or an assignment.  Don't be embarrassed to ask questions when you don't understand something--usually there will be several other people who were glad you asked.  If you find studying with a friend actually works for you, go ahead and do it once in a while, but only if you both are productive.  Hang in there--it is worth it!


Frances G.

Experienced teacher of Spanish/English/ESL/Reading/Algebra 1

10+ hours
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