For many students, summer break is winding down. What advice would you give students going back to school so they start the year strong?

Each new year is a fresh start.  Be sure to introduce yourself to your teacher. (When they call your name on the role, that is not introducing yourself!)  Take time after class to approach the teacher and talk to them. They will learn your name faster and it shows you care about their class.  Tell them how you learn or feel about school: "I sometimes need things repeated before I remember what to do" or "Math is a struggle for me".  Teachers have many students, so the biggest advice I can give is RAISE YOUR HAND and ask for help if something is confusing. Teacher's can't read your mind.
Many teachers at the beginning of the year will be reviewing last year's material for a few weeks.  If you find your self not remembering last year's material, tutoring needs to start now!  


Jessica M.

Experienced Math Teacher

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