Learning Spanish

If you are stuck in the US, Spanish is the easiest and most useful foreign language to learn.  There are Spanish speakers everywhere, as well as radio and TV programs, signs and publications--many opportunities.  There are also materials in abundance.  My favorites are Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur, but anything you like will bring results.  Focus on what's fun and you will make great progress.  The most important thing is to, whenever possible, spend some time EVERY DAY, working on it.  The second most important is to use what you learn.  Try to read things you come across written in Spanish.  Listen to radio or TV and conversations by Spanish speakers.  Converse with others in Spanish on whatever level you can.  If you can't find native speakers, converse with other learners or just talk to yourself out loud!  You may need to occasionally use some methods you don't like as much to master some concepts.  This will stretch you and improve your ability to learn.  Vary your methods and keep it interesting and fun.  Use games and music and learn some Hispanic culture along with it.  If you get stuck, get help.  Celebrate every milestone and don't give up.  If you keep working on it, you will make progress, even if it doesn't look like you are sometimes.  A language is not learned in a day, but if you put in the effort, you can learn it.


Frances G.

Experienced teacher of Spanish/English/ESL/Reading/Algebra 1

10+ hours
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