The education system: Breaking the mold

The education system, such a complex and convoluted series of practices and hierarchies, where does the student of the 21st century fit? Education now-a-days seems to have a greater goal of higher efficiency compared to student individuality in the class room. With a ballooning population, low teacher salaries, and out dated resources, we are in for a crisis situation in the coming decades with our current system. So many individuals I know that have entered the teaching field with the mind set that they are going to shake things up, and really start to perpetuate a difference, have more often than not been met with stark opposition and resistance. Something that people may find counter-intuitive at best. The education system isn't going to change overnight, that the beauty of incorporating a tutor into a student's life. This gives the student the individual one on one attention that a growing, curious mind deserves. I'm a scientist in my day to day life, holding a BS in Microbiology and BA in Chemistry from the University of South Florida, but I have always had a passion for teaching and explaining my art to those inquiring minds around me. Its such a great feeling to have sessions with a student that loathes every facet of chemistry, only to have it become one of their favorite subjects after some one on one time. Everyone has a story to tell, and there are multitudes of people eager to learn and listen, take some time out of your day to teach someone a thing or two, and you'll end up leaning a few things yourself. 


Andrew M.

Science is power!

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