Organization is Key!

As the return to school is quickly approaching, it is important to examine what makes a difference to a strong school year.  There are many things that will have an impact on the success of a student.  One of the most important things is organization.  Many students have a great deal of difficulty not only being organized, but truly understanding what it is to be organized.  Here a a few tips to get your year off to a great start.
1.  Assure that you have the proper school supplies:  While the list that teachers send home appear to be long and silly be assured that there is a purpose for those items.  Many times the items requested are there to aid the student in organizational success.  This applies to color coding notebooks and folders per subject to having post it notes available for the students. 
2.  Planner:  I know that many schools provide them and many students neglect to use them.  This is not only an important organizational tool, but is also a vital communication tool for teachers and parents.  Be sure to encourage your child to write in their planner.  Also remember to write in their planner daily so that they can stay on top of assignments, homework and tests.  
3.  Systems of organization:  Have a system in the home that allows the students to know where their things go, what they should do with all of the papers that they have and how to communicate to busy parents that they need assistance.  Being organized at home will help your student to be organized at school as well.
4.  Homework:  Make sure that you read your planner as soon as you get home.  From there have a seat and get to work.  Students are more successful if homework is completed when they get home from school.  
5.  Pe Prepared:  Have book bags packed and ready to go to school the night before.  I have laminated lists for my children so that they can check off items that they need before they pack them.  This helps to cut down on phone calls to parents looking for items that have been left behind. 
I hope that these tips have helped you prepare at home for the end of summer.  Remember to have fun with learning and always be organized and you will see great success. 


Rebecca B.

Dual Certified Elementary/ Special Ed teacher

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