Top 3 Ways to Start the School Year Strong

As summer break is winding down, many students look ahead to fall and one question is on their minds: how can I start this year strong? Well, trust me, your teachers are saying the same thing (yes, your teachers are people too). For teachers and students alike, fall is a time to start over and begin the year anew.
Chances are, you've grown as a person over the summer. I remember the fall of my junior year in high school, several students came back looking like completely different people because they had grown and changed so much over the summer. Be prepared for this. You may want to take a moment to put some effort into your own appearance, which brings me to tip #3:
3. Buy a back to school outfit (or two). Even if your budget is limited, Old Navy has some great stuff, even if it's just a few new pairs of socks or t-shirts. Or go for a few new outfits at your favorite store. Keeping your appearance neat the first week of school will make a great impression on your teachers and fellow classmates. It will help those around you notice your shining personality and not get distracted by your dirty old sneakers or that t-shirt you wore every day last spring. You don't have to go overboard, just keep it clean and fresh.
Next, you wont be surprised, I would advise you to get organized.
2. Getting organized doesn't have to mean an elaborate trapper-keeper system for every paper ever handed to you and every note you will take. Of course, if you are somehow that organized, I applaud you. In any case, stick to the tips in this short video How to Get Organized for School. The video suggests keeping a list of tasks and a schedule. The only other thing I would recommend is making sure you always have a pen/pencil handy and possibly highlighters and other colored pens when you are at school because always having to ask for a pen makes a bad impression and can cause you to miss important information. You can keep your writing utensils in a pencil case if you want and always keep them in your backpack or school bag, that way you always have something to write with at hand. If you want to look at a longer video about all the things you will need to organize yourself for school, check out this video Back to School Organization: How to Organize Your Binder & Supplies.
Finally, my number one tip is probably something you've never heard before, but can make a huge difference in the kinds of grades your teachers give you, whether or not they will be lenient on late assignments and homework, and doing this tip can also make school classes more enjoyable and help you stay engaged and participating in class.
1. Learn your teachers' names. Surprised? Well you'd be surprised how many students skip this important step during the first week of school. You may want to even go as far as learning a few other things about your teachers or stay late or come to class early and talk to your teachers. Learning your teachers' names and generally being nice and respectful to them can play a huge role in how they view you as a student and impact the kind of instruction you receive. Remember, teachers are people too.
Well, that about sums it up! Hope you enjoyed this blog post with my top 3 ways to start the school year strong. Remember to do your best and be on your game. Don't take yourself too seriously, but with a plan and by following some of the advice in this blog, you will start to form helpful habits that will continue to benefit you throughout the school year. Good luck! And remember:
  1. Learn your teachers' names
  2. Get organized
  3. Buy a back to school outfit


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