Are your standardized test scores lower than you expected?

Test anxiety can impact everyone.  However, with a few strategies, you can overcome these anxieties and excel on your next standardized assessment.
Should you guess?
  • This is a choice you will need to make based on the assessment you are taking.  For certain tests, such as the Praxis, you are scored based only on your correct answers.  However, keep the guessing to a minimum. On the SAT, you lose 1/4 of a point for an incorrect answer, but if you leave it blank, you lose 1 point.  So guessing should be used as a last resort.  Obviously, you should not guess on too many questions. Which leads me to...
Should you omit questions?
  • Only skip questions you find extremely difficult.  Use other strategies to help you determine if you can, in fact, answer these questions before omitting them.  However, do not spend too much time using these strategies, as time is limited.
Should you answer questions in order?
  • This really depends on the type of test you are taking and how you take tests. You can answer questions in order.  You can also answer based on how much knowledge you have about a topic.  The strategy you choose depends on you determining what strategy works best.
If you familiarize yourself with the standardized test you will be taking, you can determine which strategies to use when. Research the test.  Being prepared will help keep you focused.
That's all for this post.  More strategies to come in the future!


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