What students will learn from Deb Evans, My SAT Coach:

What students will learn from Deb E., My SAT Coach:

· Why the test-taking strategies you use in school will NOT work on this test, and how you can "win" the test by treating it like a game
· Your personal strategy for attacking the questions, including which order to answer them, and which ones to possibly skip (either temporarily or permanently)
· Time-management tips for the actual test
· A guessing strategy that works (when all else fails)
· The top 10 grammar skills tested and how to master them
· The clue to answering the grammar questions by identifying the skill being tested first
· The secret to writing a winning essay, including the best ways to prove your thesis
· Vocabulary-building strategies and how to answer the Sentence Completion questions by treating them like a puzzle
· The best reading strategy to get through the passages quickly so you can focus on the questions (most students spend more time on reading the passages and less time on the questions - this is exactly backwards!) · The main types of reading passage questions and how to determine the correct answer by determining the question type
· Why it's more important to identify the wrong answers than it is to find the right answers. Plus, you'll learn the traits that all correct answers share and the clues to discovering the wrong answer traps!
· The most important thing to do when taking practice tests (it's not answering the questions!),and much more!

All students need a copy of the Official SAT Study Guide from College Board (The Blue Book) and/or The Real ACT (The Red Book). These are the ONLY sources of practice tests written by the test creators. NO OTHER practice test available truly replicates the test questions.


Debbie E.

Grammar and Book Nerd Helps Students Succeed -SAT/ACT Reading/Writing

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