Improve your communication skills in a foreign language

Reminders to improve your communication in the target language:

- Pay attention to facial expressions of native speakers in order to understand the meaning of their talk.

- Identify key words in the sentences you hear. These are usually content words: verbs and nouns.

- Determine by the intonation of the sentences if the speaker is asking or answering questions, describing, or telling a story.

- Incorporate one or two new words, or small phrases regularly when you interact with native speakers.

- Build knowledge of the target language in small bricks: memorize nouns and verbs first and use them in simple sentences (Noun + Verb). As you master the use of simple sentences in present tense you can continue making progress by learning more complex structures and different verb tenses in order to communicate more accurately.

- Practice each of the four skills of communication 10-15 minutes every day. These skills are: speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

- Frequently read authentic material written by and to native speakers.

- Talk daily to native speakers in different contexts, and listen to authentic music.

- Memorize new vocabulary by writing down new words on flash cards.



Andrea C. B.

Patient and Knowledgeable Spanish Tutor

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