Your Local Library

     Your local public library can be an excellent resource. Not only can children borrow books at no charge (unless the items are returned late), but they can also borrow non-fiction, educational shows on DVD. And, for emerging readers, there are "read-alongs" (books accompanied by audio CDs).  For reluctant readers, there are also books and activities created just for them. For example, in my local library, there is a program called "Paws for Reading," which is a play on words (pause and paws). This activity allows young reluctant readers to practice reading to therapy and rescue dogs in the children's activity room at our library.  It's a great hit with the kids! I absolutely love my library. I have discovered so many excellent books and movies for teaching my subjects that I always include them, along with free printable worksheets, in my lesson plans for my tutoring sessions. I call them my "teaching" books, and they make my job so much easier and more enjoyable.


Pamela I.

English Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Grammar and Study Skills

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