My favorite things to do indoors - summer, winter, fall & spring

Reading is my favorite activity at any time of the year.
I especially love to read books. Books on religions, theology, art and world cultures.  I read them in hard copy, on-line, and on my Kindle. I also listen to audio-books and books-on-tape/cd's that i borrow from the library.
 In the summer I enjoy reading English "tea-cozy" mysteries. "Tea-cozy" mysteries are fun with great plots and are not  too  violent. Violent books and movies give me nightmares, so I don't do "violent".
When I was younger and learning French and Spanish in high school and university, I would read magazines and books in these languages. (I still do.) Of course, I didn't understand all the vocabulary (and still don't) and needed to look up some words. I didn't look up all I didn't know, that would have taken too long, and I was impatient to get on with it.
Somehow the more I read the more I was able to understand what the author was saying. I recommend that for you too.Try not to let what you don't understand stop you from continuing.
I also enjoy painting, cooking, walking, doing yoga, and staying fit; going to art museums, and the ocean.  I have been doing yoga for over 40 years - way before it went mainstream. I still do hatha yoga every day. 
How about you, what do you enjoy doing?


Anne G.

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