The "E"s of Learning

Everyone knows education is vital to learning. You learn facts. You become familiar with a process. You discover tricks and tips and mnemonics. You notice details. You explore possibilities. The flow of information from source to student can be like a river or like a trickle. Either way, this is all contained in the education part of learning. But this is only one-third of learning.
Where are the other two-thirds? Hidden inside the other two 'e's.
First was education. The second is edification. If your spirits are not uplifted, if you are sad or frustrated, if you are tired or bored, learning can't happen. No matter how many times you rinse and repeat, your brain does not absorb the information. The simplest form of edification is entertainment. When at a loss, I have been goofy for students, (yes, on purpose!) to get a laugh and to break the tension. Two of the highest forms of edification are positive reinforcement and affirmation. Hearing and seeing that you are on the right path. Knowing that your time and effort are recognized and appreciated. Feeling companionship.Understanding that you are not alone. These are the building-up sensations that accompany any positive learning experience.
Some limited learning can happen from just the first two 'e's--education and edification. But when you pour on top of that a sense of empowerment, you exponentially increase the value of your learning experience and harvest incredible returns on your investments of time and effort. Empowerment gives you the strength to try a new problem on your own, the ability to motivate yourself when nobody is watching over your shoulder, the courage to strike out on your own when no safety net surrounds you in a cocoon of easy answers. When all the facts your brain can hold and all the feel-good thoughts your spirits can tolerate are not enough, you need to experience success before you leave the proving ground. True learning comes from trial and error, trial and error, analysis, encouragement, and finally trial and success.
Education for the purpose of checking items off a list can be accomplished by education alone, but a real learning experience comes only from combining all three 'e's--education to improve the brain, edification to engage the emotions, and empowerment to expand the horizons surrounding your comfort zone. Education, edification, and empowerment together allow every student to grow in understanding, comprehension and confidence.
May you always seek to include (and succeed in capturing) these three 'e's in each of your learning experiences.
Many thanks to Jim Ritchie and The Ministry Of Business for this insightful concept.


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