Excited to teach and tutor students in Spanish here in the Leland Area!

This is really exciting for me.
I fell in love with Spanish in 9th grade, even went on to study Spanish at La Universidad Internacional de Guadalajara, studied business and literature in Spanish at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and continued my Spanish studies at Columbia International University.
I pastored at a hispanic church in Columbia, SC. In fact, my first sermons were in Spanish.
And now, I am SO excited to begin the journey of teaching and tutoring students in this incredible language!
My teaching style is unique, I am high energy with an emphasis on what I call connections, effective ways of remembering and connecting the dots.
At the end of the day Spanish is a big puzzle. It's fun to figure it out and put the pieces together!
Looking forward to hopefully tutoring you soon!


Daniel B.

Spanish, History, and Math Tutor with a GREAT Beard!

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