ASL Tutor New to WyzAnt

My name is Alli and (as my title suggests) I'm an ASL tutor who is new to WyzAnt.  I have a Bachelors degree in American Sign Language interpreting and have worked with children and teens in educational settings for many years.  I'm so excited to get to know some new students and help them continue their education in the wonderful language of ASL, as well as Deaf Culture.  If you would like to see videos of my interpreting work, or a video introduction in ASL, please let me know!  Also, if you have questions about specific signs, word choice, or ASL grammar, I would be happy to help.  My tutoring fee is low compared with most other tutors, and I'm always willing to lower my rate for students who are unable to afford tutoring.  I strongly believe that all people should have access to quality education, and I would never want the price of tutoring to stop someone from getting the services they need.  I hope to talk with all of you soon, and I will be posting some information about ASL and Deaf Culture in the near future!  
Thank you!


Allison G.

Patient and Knowledgeable Tutor with Specialties in ASL and English

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