Consuela Thea Has A Middlendorf Range

     If you know that the middle number of a range of numbers that are consecutive is always the average, then you won't need this mnemonic boost. But if you have a gross of  problems and an exam, you will want to have several English phrases to help you find needed steps for applications. 
     This morning in a lesson, I put together "Consuela" so you recall Consecutive; "Thea" for the average; "Range" for range; and "Middlendorf" for middle.  These words make a good chant. Once you memorize the phrase and connect it to create a range of consecutive numbers (the example in this blog has odd numbers) and the average every time is the middle number, you have something concrete to "grip".  Chant "Consuela Thea Has A Middlendorf Range" and put instantly as the average of {3, 5, 7, 9, and 11} what? Maybe you will connect your chant at the time you are presented with either a range, or a question about average, or consecutive numbers. The number of parts of your issue quadrupled with this phrase but might be worth memorizing and depending on it later. By the way, if you successfully connect, it is 7 that you will instantly put as your answer.
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