Summertime Educational Activities on line using technology!

As a educational integration specialist, I have created a list of websites I have used during the past year to increase students knowledge of various subject matter and get them ready for the next year. Check out the list and let me know what do you think.
Websites used with Mr. F. in Computer Technology and Visual Arts
Use it to help know what is expected from you and help with testing.
Use it to help with math and reading practice.
Use it for video lessons in math, reading, social studies, and science
Use it for online photo editing
Use it for unique painting (flame painter 3)
Use it to learn how Flame 3 can be used.
Use it to improve your grammar. Use it to learn how to type.
Use it to help your understanding computer technology.
Use it master the subject and increase your speed.
Practice for PARCC assessment in March
Go to “Its fun to read. “ Then go to art gallery for the artist we learned about and their techniques. It’s also fun for reading and more. Best search engine for images
Great labs for earth science! Explore all of it.


Darrell F.

Innovative Behavioral Education Tutor for Math and Science

400+ hours
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