Foreign Language Skills for the Summer

Summer is a great break for students and teachers alike.  However, students can experience a huge educational deficit by not being able to practice the language they have been studying by not being exposed to it during summer months.  There are some fun ways for them to practice their language skills during this much needed vacation.
Study Blue is a great site full of flashcards that kids can review and even take a quiz with.  There are a multitude of languages and other subjects that teachers and students have made.  Spending 10 minutes here a day can keep their minds refreshed.  As a parent, you can even monitor your child's time spent here and their scores on activities they attempt.
Specifically for French - Tex's French Grammar is a great site put together by the University of Texas that reviews French grammar - from very basic to advanced.  There are listening and written activities that students can complete and receive immediate feedback on. is also another great site that contains explanations, vocabulary lists and activities for kids to do.
Around the house - don't want your children glued to a computer, laptop or tablet all day?  Using index cards or construction paper, ask them to label items in the house that they know the foreign language equivalent for.  Turn it into a competition by giving them a time limit to look up as many words for objects around the house and getting them labeled.  A reward could be based on number of words achieved gaining them a frozen yogurt , movie rental, or trip to a local pool.  If you don't know the language, you can check behind them using a traditional dictionary or an online dictionary.
Speaking practice - A tutor can be a great way to help your child practice speaking over the summer.  Here's a great idea - work with other parents whose students take the same language.  Agree on a tutor, # of sessions and divide the cost.  Have a group session where the tutor comes in and speaks with the kids in the target language for a designated amount of time.  This can be a great, cost-effective way to help kids practice speaking their elective language.
This is definitely a short list of things kids can be doing during these summer months that can keep them refreshed in their 2nd language.   They don't have to spend all day working with it.  As little as 10 minutes a day will help.
Bonnes Vacances!! 


Jennifer B.

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