Autocad Efficiency

Having worked in the architecture industry for more than 3 years. I have found that many people struggle with being fast with AutoCAD and getting things done on time.
One aspect of AutoCAD that i like to customize to hasten my drafting process is my shortcuts for different commands. As we know, there are specific commands that we use to draft. C for circle, Rec for rectangle and so forth. Typing in C is obviously faster than typing Circle and Rec faster than Rectangle. However, for commands that don't have these shortcuts, we can add it to the existing command.
A specific thing that i like to do is the command "aliasedit" which allows me to change the shortcut. For example, if i want to shorten the Rec command to "RR", i can type in alias edit, find the command and edit the shortcut.
To achieve greater efficiency, I would assign all my core commands (the commands that i use most frequently) to a shortcut that i can easily and efficiently type with one hand (i.e. qq, ww, ee are some of the commands that i can type with one hand as opposed to "circle" which i would have to use two hands to type efficiently). Since all the core commands can be assigned to shortcuts that could be typed with one hand, we can effectively type with only one hand while the other can click without any encumbrance. In this way, we can spend less time typing and more time drawing.


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