Keep Kids Reading, Writing, Calculating and Planning All Summer Long!

A great way to keep your kids' utilizing the skills they learned in school this past school year, is a daily planning and reflection activity!
During breakfast, or any other convenient time in the morning, ask your child to write down three (3) or more things they have to do that day (i.e., chores, bathing, etc.).  Then have them write down three (3) fun things they want to do that day.
Have them write down what they eat throughout the day, and things they did for exercise.
At the end of the day, have them add up the activities they did, the number of food items they ate, and anything else they want to add to the mix.  Have them subtract their age from the total.  If they are old enough to know multiplication, have them multiply the original sum by 7 (days in the week), and then divide it by their age.  The result will be different for everyone; but, it'll keep their brains working!
This is also a good conversation starter among siblings and other family members.
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