Summer Test Prep Tips!

Summer is the best time to start studying for college/career entrance exams. Since there is no school and homework, you will not feel overwhelmed when it is time to study. Studying for just an hour a day, 5 days a week, will increase your chances of getting a higher score and you will still have time to enjoy the summer.

Alternate subjects weekly. Familiarize yourself with all the subjects on the test. Purchase a test preparation book to get question examples. By the end of the summer, you should have done every problem in the book, including the practice exams. If you need additional help, ask your tutor.

Study with others. You will be more motivated to study this summer if you are involved in a study group. Find students that are taking the same exam. Ask your tutor to for a group study session. Knowing that there are other students with the same goal as you can help your study sessions be less stressful.

Know your calculator. If a calculator is permitted during your exam, make sure you know how it works. Use the same calculator you plan to use on the exam while you work practice problems. This will help you train yourself to learn all the functions.

Hopefully these few tips help with your summer test prep studying. Remember to ask your tutor for help. Good luck!



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