00 Hello, world!

This will be my first blog post, and I hope I get to fill it with lots of adventures. I'm used to my own little 10-minute radius of high school and home, so these first years of summer camps and college and learning how to drive and everything have shown me how easy it is to meet all sorts of new types of people, especially with this new tutoring thing.
When I first started Wyzant, all my friends were warning me about Stranger Danger on the internet. But I knew I wanted to practice teaching this summer if I ever wanted to become THE BEST TEACHER EVERRR when I grow up (I totally will. I am going to start a school where kids will love to learn and throw themselves into challenges and learning will be organic and social and totally nerdy and rewarding).
So far, everyone has been perfectly lovely and I have met families I have never talked to before (my parents are good at Asian parties, but besides that I don't know that many households personally). And I'm getting way better at knowing the roads of my own hometown (about time). It's been so fun and rewarding already, and it's only been like a week. Yayy!


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