Son of God

The movie 'Son of God' is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray. I purchased it to see if it was something I could show to my church youth group. Almost as soon as it started, I noticed that it was taking on different views on certain events. Its language was different and the placing of dialogue was not always correct. Don't get me wrong, I think the film did a great job at showing who Jesus was and I think everyone should go see it, however if you really know your Bible, you will see the discrepancies with some of the stories. They added some dialogue of what we could assume was discussion between the Disciples but it is never recorded. They didn't keep true to how exactly the trial of Jesus went or with the story of Lazarus. I can accept creative freedom but they needed to be more careful of how far away they went. I did like that John was the narrator of the story and they took most of the interpretation from the Book of John, not always in order (John 3:16 was close to the end of the movie). My biggest problem with the movie is they could have shown so much more of the miracles. They didn't have to show the crucifixion since we already have the Passion of the Christ. Some of the miracles were just not their and they could have impacted the movie a lot more than the ones that were. The movie was decent and I would recommend it for someone who is just starting, but it can/will frustrate those who really know the Book of John.
God Bless.


Christopher H.

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