Avoiding Summer Learning Loss

One way to stay abreast of your education is to read over the summer. Magazines, newspapers, short stories , and novels are all great ways to keep your mind sharp. Also, completing crosswords is a great brain stimulator which causes you to think and explore new subject ideas that you may not usually think about. Engage in activities that involve science, math, and critical thinking. This may be a science project, an exercise routine, or brain teaser games such as headbands, outburst, or clue. Basically, enjoy your summer with a variety of healthy activities to keep your brain keen and sharp. It is important to laugh, be silly and have fun. Spend time with family and friends. Go to the beach, aquarium, museum or your favorite vacation spot. There are also many backyard ideas to be explored, such as, slip and slides, batmitten, volleyball, and dodgeball. You must have a healthy balanced schedule to avoid summer learning loss.  Try a visit to your local library and check out all the interesting literature and summer learning activities.


Delmira D.

Dedicated and Effective Tutor for English, Reading, Grammar,Literature

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