Why some students have an AP tutor YEAR ROUND.

Are you taking AP classes this fall?
Every year a month before the AP exams I receive a flurry of requests for last minute tutoring. While we can do our best to cover and review material and fill in gaps left out by teachers, there is another approach that can guarantee you success.
When I have the opportunity to work with students year round, even if it is every other week or once a month, we have a clear plan, goals we can establish, and most importantly,  I can get to know their teacher, what they focus on, what they're skipping, where the holes are, and I can work in conjunction with their teacher to fill in gaps from the beginning.
Students that work year round reach April and they are not panicking, they are meticulously following our plan we started back in July or September, and working not towards hoping to get a 3 but focusing on those extra skills they need to get that coveted 5. 
Students who work with me year round have the opportunity to take multiple practice tests, to be exposed time and again to AP material, to begin a review system that helps them not only get ready for the big day in May but prepare for every midterm and final in class, all while keeping our eye on the prize of that big 5 on exam day. 
So if you are starting an AP course this fall, consider getting started with a tutor as well!


Alexa B.

Experienced Tutor specializing in AP American History & AP Euro

20+ hours
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