Don't loose it over the summer

Now, with summer approaching, many students are looking forward to a break from the daily grind of classes and homework.  Rightly so!  It's a lot on a child.  But one thing many teachers notice at the beginning of a school year is how much they have to review the previous section of their subject.  The break is great for letting a student have fun, but it also facilitates a loss of gained knowledge due to the passage of time.  As an student working toward an engineering degree, I started out at a high school level math, not because I'm incompetent in math, but because 7 years had passed since my last math class by that point. I chose to focus my energy in that area to prepare myself to get into the full swing of being a full time student in university. 
If during this 7 years I would have taken the time to read up a little bit, run through a couple problems, and keep myself in practice with the skill, I wouldn't have had to start so far back.  With students still in primary and secondary school, taking some time to review their notes, run through the concepts, and keeping the skills honed is invaluable.  It makes them ready to hit the ground running day one of the fall semester.  And if a good plan is laid out for the student, it is still entirely possible to have fun still and enjoy the summer.  I'd say that summer should be seen as dialing the learning back, but not to put it completely on hold!  Having a tutor to go over the subjects, conceptually, over the summer will help to minimize the loss of knowledge.  It also is an opportunity to move ahead and prepare the students for what is coming on the road ahead.


Melissa H.

Melissa- Engineering Student, earning Bachelors Degree

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