Ten Things to Do This Summer

Let's suppose you have zero dollars to spend but you do have a few basic supplies around the house.  Here are ten things you can do this summer to make life more interesting – for yourself and others (for ideas 2 – 10, check with your parent[s] before beginning):

1. Reduce time spent on the computer, game box, TV, etc.  Don't just reduce time; set a goal of how much time you plan to cut from each venue per day.  Can you shave off even more minutes/hours by the end of summer?

2. Check out books from the library -- good books by good authors that cause one to think on imagination, perceive symbolism, develop leadership, learn from history; explore new continents, scientific breakthroughs, and much more.  You can also borrow from or swap books with a friend.

3.  Start a journal.  See YouTube and other sites for creating your own cover, pages.  The more you create on your own, the more fun.  Anyone can walk into a box store and buy a blank journal book.  Only you can create one that reflects your individuality.

4. Take string and small stakes and make a 2' by 2' square in your yard (some place where it will not cause others to trip; you may want to make small bright flags to tie to the string so it will be visible).  If you live in an apartment, create a terrarium.  Keep a daily journal of how your plot of land or terrarium changes over time.  Note even the smallest change.  Look up information in a book or online regarding the types of vegetation and insects you may discover.  With water colors, paint even just one leaf in your journal.  Note the details.

5. Learn to cook; or to cook better.  Start with easy projects and work your way up.  A parent or librarian should be able to help you with introductory cook books.

6. Memorize the names of the 66 books of the Bible in the order in which they are listed:  39 books in the Old; 27 in the New.  Helpful hint as to number of books in each testament:  3 x 9 = 27.  Get it?

7.  Play a sport on a team; or, better yet, start your own neighborhood sport – get friends and new people together at least once a week to play basketball, baseball, football, and others.  Or make up your own sport.

8. Get together with friends and put on a scene from one of Shakespeare's plays.  There are plenty of websites that explain how to create safe "weapons" and "armor" out of foam and other materials.

9. Round up things you have outgrown and donate them to your church, Goodwill, or Salvation Army.

10.  Help your family and at least one neighbor with yard work.  Note observations in your journal.


Mark H.

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