Teach Chinese in easy and interesting way.

Do you want somebody guide you to discover the journey of Chinese language, Chinese traditional culture and art? Here I am.

Hello, I am an art designer. I was born and raised in Beijing, China (in Chinese, say I am a Beijinger). I have taught foreigner to speak conversational Chinese for 6 years. I created a special way which is according to the “Chinese Oracle bone script” to help them understand the meaning of Chinese character and to help to how to write the Chinese character.  You will find it is easy and interesting to learn Chinese.

If you are interested in the Chinese traditional culture and art, I also can teach you the Chinese ink painting and to help you to know more about the Chinese traditional culture and art.

I also can cook quite delicious Chinese food, if you want to learn it, call me too.
[*The “Chinese Oracle bone script” is the earliest known form of Chinese writing, dating from about 1200–1050 B.C.  It is pictographic and looks like a picture which shows the meaning. The modern Chinese evolved from the “Chinese Oracle bone script”.  ]


Ning L.

Teach Chinese in easy and interesting way

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