Staying Motivated - Check the Box

We all know what the end of the year feels like: the weather gets nicer and nicer, the students get antsy, and even we end up with a bit of Spring Fever. 
Taking a cue from a organizational strategy that I teach my students, I use a check-list with boxes I can check off to help me see that we are still moving forward and to stay on track. 
With students, I have them make a list with a small empty square next to it of everything they need to accomplish for the week such as, study flashcards each day (5 boxes), do math drill page (one box to check). As they accomplish each task, they check the box. 
Now, I do the same for myself to stay motivated. My list includes things that I have to do, as well as small things that help me stay sane along the way. For example it might include:
Create weekly lesson plan
Submit lessons to WyzAnt
Take daily 20 minute walk
Get a pedicure
Ask one student to submit feedback
In addition, I have found a great website for daily meditation that helps me stay focused even as the year gets hectic. It's called 
Daily progress helps me see that the tasks that have to get done by the end of the year are manageable!


Karla S.

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