3 Easy Strategies for Final Exam Prep

1. Make a study plan – The default mode for studying for exams? Wait until one or two days before the test and study – hard! But with several months of material to review, your brain needs more time to re-assimilate the information, and you probably won’t have enough time to review it all in 2 nights anyway. So start studying a minimum of one week before the first exam, and write out a detailed schedule - which subjects you will study and for how long (giving more time to the earliest exams) and when you will study. Be specific and concrete – write out your plan, and assign (realistic) times for each day you will study. Write where you will study and what you should have with you.

2. Hit every subject, every day - Certainly you should give more weight to the first exams, but spend some time each day with every subject you will have an exam for, even if it’s just 15 minutes for those subjects with later exams.

3. Overlap your reviews - When you sit down to review a subject for an exam, first take a minute or two to re-review what you studied the day(s) before. Overlapping your reviews will push that information into your long-term memory.


Patrick R.

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