Developing Study Habits for Math Courses

The majority of the students that I have often have the same problem -- they aren't grasping the information fast enough or they aren't really able to follow the lessons a teacher gives.
Sometimes, teachers aren't adaptive to every learning style for each student in their classroom.  However, know that each student has the capability to learn math on their own.  It is just necessary to have key characteristics to make it successful.
Every math student should have:
  • patience
  • motivation
  • adaptability
  • organizational skills
  • open communication between themselves and their teacher (inside and outside the classroom)
  • breaks!! :)

Study Tips

  • Always try to study outside of your home or dorm room. In our minds, those are places that we relax at and it can be difficult to turn your mind off from the distractions to study. Public libraries, universities, coffee shops, and bookstores are the way to go. Some of these places have late-night study, so availability shouldn't be a problem.
  • Give yourself ample time to study AND ample time to rest. It is not a race to learn math; some can grasp the knowledge faster than others. But if you're like me, learning one SECTION per day is all it takes.
  • Work out examples and exercises within each section. A lot of students skip this because it is not required to go through all of the exercises, depending on the instructor. However, use the tools you are given -- online training and book. If you work through each example and exercise, you'll develop muscle memory and that's the whole point of math -- to remember all of the rules that govern numbers.
  • Make yourself summations or cheat sheets of each section learned. After you know the information, create a cheat sheet that you can use to study. I promise you that this helped me out a LOT!!! :)
  • Keep organized. Math is one of those subjects that require your full attention. So, organization is key. With every piece of paper given, at the bottom jot down the date and chapter/section it pertains to, it will help out)

Necessary Supplies for Math Class, excluding book of course...

- multicolor pen (I have a pen that can write in blue, green, black, and red)
- mechanical pencils (with refills)
- college-ruled notebook paper (for writing notes while learning the section and making cheat sheets)
- multipurpose printer paper (to work out exercises)
- 3-hole puncher (for the printer paper and any documents that are given to you)
- dividers (cheat sheets, notes, classwork, homework, quizzes/tests)
- TI-83 calculator (or later model that you are completely familiar with)
- binder (more than 1 1/2")

Optional Supplies

- graph paper
- protractor
- math compass (of course, these three are only for geometric and trigonometric courses)
- ruler
- simple calculator (they are only a few bucks and they are so handy; do not rely on your cell phone to provide you with this capability; I promise that it is a great investment)
- dry erase board with markers, eraser, and cleaning spray (it helps tremendously when you want to work out problems; it's exactly why I always bring mine)

I think I've covered it all. If you have any trouble, I'm just a lesson away.

Good luck.

Tiera J.


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