Reasons for World War I

I find that sometimes students have problems remembering why World War I started.  In addition to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand - here is a way to think about the remaining reasons:
M= militarism - the countries were building up their defenses which caused competition in that area
A= alliances - countries were making alliances (agreements between friends) to come to each other's aid if they were challenged by another country
I = imperialism - countries need consumers and natural resources to boost their production and economy.  Great Britain, France, and Spain had moved into large areas in Africa - Germany was jealous and could only gain limited expansion
N = nationalism - pride in one's country can be a good thing - but it also can become a bad thing which allows its citizens to be blinded to the state of their country and follow and believe in their country no matter what
Hope this helps :)


You forgot the "S" Stupidity; the main reason for all wars


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