Powerpoint vs taking notes

More and more teachers today are using PowerPoint slides in their classes. The students get copies of the slides to study.
The first time I had come across this style of teaching was in graduate school. I suffered greatly from it. I was accustomed to having to take notes from scratch. The writing would help me retain the information. When given the slides  I would try my best to write as much down as possible. However, after a short while I found myself writing less and less for two reasons. 1. The professor would fly through the slides quickly. This is expected to happen because he is not writing anything and just reading. 2. Why write when everything is right there anyway? it made me lazy. Lazy is definitely not good!
Maybe it's just me, but I really liked the 'old school' teaching. Having the teacher write on the board. Taking notes in a notebook and having them all organized the way I wanted them to be.


Hi Sophia!
I agree with your post 100%. This seems to be a problem in many classrooms today. As a professor I do allow students to use their laptops and iPad's to take notes. Just a week ago, however, I had a student tell me she uses an application called Notability. The application allows students to highlight, underline, use bold letters and record a professor as they take notes. It's so sophisticated that when you go back to review your notes and click on a word the recording will begin from the point the professor was speaking as you were taking that exact note.
I thought to myself, "It would've been nice". However, the student complained because she wasn't retaining the information as she would if she were handwriting the notes. She also says she doesn't have to do much reading or research on her own because all of the information she needs to know is recorded.
I personally won't know if a student is recording me unless they ask me for permission. 
Furthermore, using PowerPoints and giving students the notes is such a passive way of learning. In fact, I don't even consider it learning. And for the educators who believe using a PowerPoint presentation is incorporating technology in the classroom, is just wrong. That's doing the right thing, the wrong way.
So I guess we have to rethink how we use technology in the classroom. Many seem to be doing the right thing... the WRONG way.
Thanks for bring up this topic!


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