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Mathematics: I tried a different approach today to "Equivalent Fractions" because yesterday Connor just shut down. Incorporating his success with identifying primes and prime factors. we factored the numerator and denominators first, then I asked him to cross out common factors but he really has such an aversion to numbers he found this difficult also. We won't have another chance to work together for a while so it would help if he did just a little math daily.
English/Spelling/Vocabulary/Writing: Integrating these topics I had Connor write an original story (which he loves to do!), using as many as possible of his list of vocabulary words. Also created a list with definitions for him to do as a Word Search puzzle. Hopefully he will complete this on his own.
US History/Geography/Government: Connor has almost memorized all the states and capitols. He had no trouble learning about the Constitution and the three branches of government with the checks and balances. He studied the book "The Birth of our Nation: From 13 colonies to Fifty States" and I used a paper I had written to describe six states that have borders on the 37th parallel to illustrate how geography influenced the more recent states to be admitted to the union. This ties in with Connor's fascination with Four Corners.
No science today other than the topics tied to "Guns, Germs and Steel" and the importance of latitude in the development of technology in history of science.
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